GSC Top Song Award 1st Quarter Of 2024

Andraye Speed & Co. was awarded the GSC Top Song Award for having the #1 Song “God Is 2.0” for Eight Consecutive Weeks on!

The song charted well across the then 60 stations during the 1st Quarter of 2024.

We are now preparing the 2nd Quarter award as we speak!

{{firstname}}, I was asked by several artist and a couple of labels, how do they get onto the Top 30 Charts.

There are 74 Top 30 Charts and 74 Top 100 Charts! One for each station and a global chart of all 73 stations combined!

Depending on how often they play your song from Monday to Sunday, you can chart on their individual Top 30 Charts and if enough of them show you love, you can chart on the GSC Top 30.

The Top 30 Charts update every Monday at 12 AM EST. So visit those charts, take a screenshot and share it!

Here’s the answer to that question:

1st. Your song needs to be aired on as many of our monitored stations as possible at least once per day but the more the merrier.

2nd. The metadata of your music MUST be the same on ALL the stations playing your music so that the airplay can add up between the stations.

We now have 73 Monitored Stations! Wow! Our goal is 100 Stations before the end of the year.

There is a list of the stations with contact info under the Radio Charts menu (You must be logged in to view it).


Hope this helps and again, our hats off to Andraye Speed & Co. with the song God Is 2.0!


GSC Staff,




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